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Children of God - Mary Doria Russell A solid sequel to a phenomenal first book. I waited 8 years to read this one because I was so shattered by the way THE SPARROW ended (despite the massive foreshadowing) that I needed to rebalance myself before returning to these worlds. CHILDREN OF GOD is a good long haul, jumping back and forth in time and across space and into nearly every character's thoughts. It's a rich and loamy setting, and just like in the first book I sunk into it and was full of thoughts and changing my mind about what was happening throughout. So fun!

Unlike the earlier book, I didn't feel as close to the people (of all species), so their trials and successes did not resonate as much in me. I was a lot more aware of story structure this time, watching how the order of the telling could manipulate my impressions and opinions. It is an impressive feat, and serves the theme well.
One relationship did pull me in: Sandoz and a mother and child back on Earth. Warm and funny -- and I knew it couldn't last (because of earlier foreshadowing). So I set the book down for two days just to give him (and me) a little more joy.