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Pretty much all books, history, science, civil rights, anime, travel, or, you know, baby animals.

Nicky Penttila

Nicky Penttila writes stories with adventure, ideas, history, and love. She enjoys coming up with stories that are set in faraway cities and countries, because then she *must* travel there, you know, for research. She lives in Maryland with her reading-mad husband and amazing rescue cat. She’s chattiest on Twitter, @NickyPenttila, and can also be found at nickypenttila.com and on Facebook.


book cover - The Spanish PatriotMy new book, The Spanish Patriot, releasing September 1, is my most ambitious: hard history and only a little romance. It won't be added to Booklikes (b/c it's not on Amazon, etc.) until almost that date, but is already getting rave reviews on other sites. Stay tuned!