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Hidden Depths - Emma Holly While the erotic content is high and satisfying, what I really liked about this romantic fantasy was the couple's interactions. Especially James and Olivia, the rare romance couple who have been married for decades and have that easy familiarity, down to reading each other's smallest cues. Plus they're still having great sex! Anso and Ty, the wereseal couple, have grown up together, but they aren't quite as sure of each other, and nobody is sure how a 3- or 4-way is going to work, so readers can still enjoy the getting-to-know-you part of romance.

Another fabulous fantasy part is that by going to the underwater land, even briefly, human bodies gain back the muscle and tautness and stamina of their youth. Makes me want to search out a were-seal of my own! The story is familiar, if a little kinky in the sexy parts. But what I'll remember when I think of this title is the loving embrace of the familiar, even among the strange: a touch on his arm to signal she understands, the way he knows what she's thinking by how her body moves.