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The Mad Earl's Bride - Loretta Chase Lovely novella with a serious undercurrent. I loved both the medically-inclined Gwen, who is well-used to men not listening to her at first and forcing them to come around, and overprotective Dorian, who, while convinced his mind is disintegrating would still marry Gwen so she can use his money to build her dream hospital. It does seem odd that her family would allow a match with a imminent lunatic, but Gwen does come off as persuasive, and families married their girls off to senile old men often enough, didn't they? And it's fun to see the stereotype of the moors and hauntings turned in a story of "current" medicine.

Read this one to enjoy the sharp dialogue, well-tailored to each character, and the unique progress of their affections. Also cameos from Bertie and Dain (but no Jess) from the earlier stories.