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The Luckiest Lady in London

The Luckiest Lady in London - Sherry Thomas As usual, lovely writing and heartfelt feeling, a comfortable and sexy romance story. I loved that the two leads saw deep into each other at the start, with all the wonder and discomfort that brings. By the middle, though, the story felt like familiar ground (but still well done), and then they stop seeing deep into each other (because they are so in lust?) and the story grew dull for me. Secondary characters (esp Miss Edwards) popped up, altered in aspect, as the plot and perhaps the need for a next book in the series warranted. Louisa's distinction between her lies to obtain a husband (in the marriage mart) and Felix's lies to her to obtain a wife did not persuade me, but then I suppose we all may define fairness using our own measure. This time the prologue sets up the hero's motivation to ward off the chance we might dislike him for his later artifice. Glad to see references to science (astronomy!) in a romance.