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Wild Seed

Wild Seed - Octavia E. Butler Big ideas and a long timeline don't slow this stunning and lyrical novel one bit. With the two main characters near-immortals and a timeline ranging from 1690 to 1840, there's quite a lot of death; both the main characters and I grew a little weary of it but that was the point. Really enjoyed the flow of the two of the three sections, but the third didn't make sense to me (why would Anyanwu choose to live in slave lands? Why in America at all?) and the ending while understandable was quick.

Loved the writing--deceptively simple!--and envy how quickly she can draw a character. And 'seed' so many undercurrents in the dialog! Here's one:

(1690 in Africa)
"Heathen savages," Daly muttered. "They're like animals. They're all cannibals."
"These aren't," Doro said, "though some of their neighbors are."
"All of them," Daly insisted. "Just give them the chance."
Doro smiled. "Well, no doubt the missionaries will reach them eventually and teach them to practice only symbolic cannibalism."
Daly jumped. He considered himself a pious man in spite of his work. "You shouldn't say such things," he whispered. "Not even you are beyond the reach of God."
"Spare me your mythology," Doro said, "and your righteous indignation." Daly had been Doro's man too long to be pampered in such matters. "At least we cannibals are honest about what we do," Doro continued. "We don't pretend as you slavers do to be acting for the benefit of our victims' souls. We don't tell ourselves we've caught them to teach them civilized religion."
Daly's eyes grew round. "But ... I did not mean you were a ... a ... I did not mean ..."
"Why not?" Doro looked down at him, enjoying his confusion. "I assure you, I'm the more efficient cannibal you will ever meet." --- pp 43-4 of 1980 Warner books edition (many unfortunate typos in this edition)

This was the first story by Octavia Butler I remember reading (I read a lot of SFF in middle school but don't remember authors' names). Now looking eagerly for more.

Lots of great lines like this one:

"Civilization is the way one's own people live. Savagery is the way foreigners live." --Isaac, in Wild Seed by Octavia Butler