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How to Write Hot Sex: Tips from Multi-Published Erotic Romance Authors - Shoshanna Evers, Jean Johnson, Kate Douglas, Desiree Holt, Cara McKenna, Cari Quinn Pretty good starter on writing, with the focus on erotica. Structure-wise, I'd have preferred to read the author bios after I read their advice; that way I have their voice in my head when I imprint on their name. Didn't realize, but (because of this?) I stopped reading the bios altogether, so when I read the essay I liked best I had to page back to find out who had written it. It's Delphine Dryden, "So You Think You Can Kink?" which, in addition to the common wisdom of know your characters and know your scene points out the importance of pacing and paying attention to "aftercare," what happens after the hot sex.

Most of the advice was pretty standard (I've read a lot of how-to-write-fiction books), but it was interesting to see the range of weight given to the story/plot -- some writers advise to drop it in favor of the emotion/senses, others say it is first-most-important. Good to remember writers and readers are all sorts!