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Sidewalk Flower (A Sin Pointe Novel) - Carlene Love Flores Lovely writing and layered characters make this story of healing sing. I enjoyed the back-and-forth dialogue; the author takes the time to show reaction as well as verbal byplay and how many off-hand remarks (like in life) have a different resonance for the hearer than the speaker intended. The lost in the desert part (or lost on the band's road trip, here) stretched a little long for me, and I wish I'd skipped the epilogue. Read the rest for the truth of the people and how bravely they face their pasts and tell their truths..

My copy is highlighted all over with great lines:

Her invitation piqued him. She could tell, the way his neck and shoulders straightened and he rubbed at his jeans pockets. Boys were so easy to read.

"Why are you laughing?" he asked in a way that challenged her to be nicer.

She was staring. The girl who played with boys but was never fazed by them was staring at him like he was her guardian angel and she was his beauty school dropout. This was so wrong.

She'd never felt so much like anyone's gift before tonight.

"I'm the one who can't seem to get around herself to the good thing in front of her."

She had chosen to settle for the least level of discomfort in her world at the moment.

Sadness filled the seat beside her and she instantly fell out of sync with the sun.