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Bared to You - Sylvia Day Well-done long-form erotica. I especially enjoyed the way Eva and Gideon could describe what their personal hangups are (thanks to good counseling, apparently) and Eva's working through how to set up boundaries.

"It doesn't matter whether I have something I don't want you to see. I have a right to space and privacy, and you need to ask before you help yourself to my information and my belongings. You have to stop taking whatever you want without my permission."

Also, the story makes the point healing from serious childhood wounds isn't a matter of "sex as a drug" but working slowly through triggers and talking it out (or, running and pouting, and then talking it out).

This is what made this erotic story much more interesting to me than others. Even with the great scenes and setups, I was bored with the sex at about the 2/3 point (repetition of anything can be numbing); many later sex scenes are quick-cut, closed-door, but still it does seem to drag on. I have a couple continuity quibbles (like, Eva observes Gideon's mom's express love for him and then says a half-page later "He'd never been loved.").

And again, the story isn't quite complete at the end; another setup for a series, pah. But I need satisfaction in this one to go on to the next, not just suspenseful questions. At this point, I won't read the next one. But I'm very glad I read this. Well written erotica, yea!