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The Arrangement - Mary Balogh A blind hero! Handsome, of course, Vincent reminded me of Charles in Georgette Heyer's The Grand Sophy, who has quite a bit of growing to do, mainly in stepping out of the loving grip of his family. Sophia is a poor church mouse (nearly literally, in one scene), but has a catty tongue and caricaturist's pen and deserves her second chance. As usual, the supporting players in the story have their own great moments, too.

I found the descriptions of a panic attack rang true, and liked how the story acted out the idea of "in weakness, strength"; ramshackle families and marriage-first-love-later themes are faves of mine, too. But I never grew more than pleased with this story, never as engaged as with A Summer to Remember and some of Balogh's others. Maybe it was the repetition of "eyes were not always necessary" when I thought that had already been proved again and again in the story, or the not-talking about how their feelings have changed because they assumed the other's feelings had not changed. I also wasn't interested in seeing the come-uppance for an old beau who hurt Sophie's feelings in the past; the man didn't deserve any attention.

Still, a good read for a summer afternoon, a lovely romance budding slow and true.

I received an advance reader's copy of this book at the Romance Writers of America annual conference.